Fostering Test Process Consultation for a Bidding Software Based on Agile Methodology

about client

The client is a growing company in China and have developed a bidding software for mass purchase of commodities like Coal, Cotton, etc. The security of software is one of the primary concerns for the client and thus was build using Blockchain and Java. As per the client requirements, proper performance and security testing procedures were adopted for ensuring adequate standards as per the market regulations.

Product Overview

The product is a bidding software for mass purchase of commodities like Coal, Cotton, etc. There are multiple user roles through which the process of bidding and its approval flows. Also, the website was redesigned with new features along with making it customizable for each commodity and its currency so that it can be used in outside China.

The developed product covered the following functionalities:

  • There are multiple user roles through which the process of bidding and its approval flows.
  • The website was redesigned with new features along making it customizable for each commodity and its currency so that it can be used in outside China.


The website was to be developed using Agile methodology and was to be released with two soft launches planned two months apart. The client and her team were new to agile methodologies and wanted someone who can set the processes accordingly.

Challenges Faced

  • One of the biggest challenges was to get the team familiar with the Agile and its ceremonies keeping track of the delivery timelines.
  • As the whole team was new to Agile it was a risk that agile ceremonies might take more time and can delay the soft launches planned.
  • The processes need to be laid out so that it does not add to the burden on either Dev or QA and client had already planned the soft launches.
  • No explicit process for the crystal-clear visibility of the execution process. Lack of Transparency in data (Planning, execution, and resources).
  • Client, Dev and QA all were on different location so there were chances of miscommunications.
  • Client expectation on terms of quality was high and there was only 1 QA to perform all the tasks –Functional Testing, Automation, Performance testing. The QA involved was from client’s organization and had an eye for detail. The main concern was to perform all the testing in time as any delay will affect the soft launch.

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Solutions Provided

  • We deployed a Test Manager for client who would guide team and train them with the basic agile practices which they have to perform during their day-to-day activities.
  • A scrum meeting was initiated to know the project status and the Project Manager was the scrum master as well.
  • Slack was introduced to bring all on one page as Client, Dev and QA Team were all in different locations.
  • During these scrum meeting, the processes were also discussed and finalized so that not much time is consumed in the meeting as all of them already had to beat the clock with their deliveries. These processes ensured that all the work is done in an organized way and rework would not be done.
  • BugRaptors QA Manager set the processes of performing Unit testing by developers and sharing the report with QA. Also, writing the functional test cases by QA Team so that functional testing can be done based on them. Additionally, these test cases were to be used in Automation testing to ensure the test coverage.
  • Our QA Manager explained the client with proper data and facts that 1 QA will not be enough to ensure all the test activities are performed on time with proper benchmarking. The client was convinced and then an additional resource for performance testing was introduced so that it could be done in parallel and we can meet the line.

Tools & Technologies We Used

  • JIRA – Project Management, Test Management
  • Katalon – Automation Testing
  • JMeter – Performance Testing
  • Slack - Communication Platform

Client Benefits

  • Dev team and client both got familiar with the Agile Methodology and product was successfully launched on time with exceptional quality. The following are the key attainments we added to our quality services:
  • The client was fully satisfied with the services and proactiveness of Project Manager deployed by BugRaptors.
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation done by Project Manager had foreseen the challenges and client really appreciated for those.
  • Automation done was extensive and this is still being used by clients 'team which is saving a lot of cost for them presently.

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