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Harness Test Automation To Get “Quality at Speed”

With the Digital Revolution, there is stiff competition in every business to deliver the best quality software product, with quick time-to-market. BugRaptors offers premium test automation services to achieve enhanced speed, and impeccable software quality, with maximum coverage.

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Accelerate Speed with Test Automation

Successful implementations of automation testing services attribute to time and cost savings, which is very crucial in today’s dynamic world of digitalization. Enterprises are swiftly moving from traditional manual testing to the trending automated testing approach, to catalyze enhanced customer experience, with new working methodology and revenue growth. With numerous companies boasting about their services, many enterprises are still struggling to embrace and partner with the best test automation company.

BugRaptors is a pioneer automation testing service provider serving clients globally to support their business objectives and generate value by using the best tools for automation testing. Entrepreneurs prefer to hire our automation testers as they swiftly adapt and change with the dynamics of the enterprises and AI-based test automation industry. With vast experience, BugRaptors has gained expertise in customized frameworks for specific business environments, leading to enhanced test coverage, increased speed, and superior quality of iterations.


Injecting Peak Performance With Our Automation Testing Service


Mobile Test Automation Services

Leverage our mobile test automation services to achieve increased efficiency with minimal initial coding efforts, using advanced Automation frameworks.

  • Appium Automation Framework
  • Supports iOS, Android
  • Dedicated Test Environment

Web Test Automation Services

Our web test automation services allow accurate performance on different browsers and platforms, having varied methods of presentation, features, and functionalities.

  • Testing in multiple browsers
  • Framework Recommendation
  • Regression Test Report

Selenium Testing Services

Our selenium test automation helps to reduce Test Cycle times up to 70%, by automating web app testing, functional regression tests, and automated test suites.

  • Quick Script Development
  • Robust Regression Automation
  • Easy plug-in to Engineering Architecture

SOAP Testing Services

Get the maximum advantages of SOAP technology to ensure quality by testing APIs, their security features, database vulnerability, stack overflow, cross-site scripting, load testing, etc

  • Automated Service Generation
  • Testing Database Vulnerability
  • Easy plug-in to Engineering Architecture Integration

Our Innovative Methodology for Test Automation

Our automation testing approach works to eliminate the manual activities and expedite the entire testing process while addressing the requirements of an enterprise. We follow the latest trends of automation testing to offer enterprise-grade and scalable infrastructure for various devices. Being a leading automation testing service provider in India and globally, we ensure seamless implementation of world class test automation solutions to reduce efforts and time to market, with ascending release velocity, to achieve maximum ROI.

Ping us to hire proficient and experienced automation testers, to strategically optimize and effectively meet the quality standards of your product.


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Automation Testing Tools We Expert In

Choosing the latest and tech-advanced tools for automation testing is crucial to provide solutions in an Agile and DevOps environment. At BugRaptors, we use the following tools for test optimization, intelligent test generation, execution, and reporting:













Simplify Processes With Our
Hybrid Test Automation Framework

Our proficient automation testers at Bugraptors, efficiently use the Hybrid Test Automation frameworks, which uses a combination of keywords and data, to leverage the benefits of all associated spanning technologies to accelerate the application’s delivery. We facilitate hybrid framework compromising of Data-driven, Keyword-driven, Hybrid or Behaviour Driven development (BDD) framework, to achieve the intended goals. Our innovative and uniquely designed Universal frameworks can be used with all the projects while saving a lot of coding time, money and allowing code reusability.

Our hybrid test automation framework is based on Selenium and is the combination of Modular Driven and Data Driven framework. As per our framework’s behavior we can also integrate some other testing frameworks and plugins like Behavior Driven framework (Cucumber), Unit testing frameworks (TestNG and JUnit), Extent Report plugin, integrate Robot OR Auto script to handle window based popups and etc.

Our Hybrid Test Automation Framework offers the following features:

  • Customizable and Robust.
  • Works well with divergent application.
  • Execution using TestNG framework.
  • User-friendly and Interactive Report.
  • Excellent Browser Support: Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, PhantomJS, htmlUnit.
  • High level of code reuse.
  • Multiple Test Scenarios.
  • Independent Test Data.
  • Balanced central shared repository like Github, etc.

Our Expertise in


Automation Testing Services

At BugRaptors, we adhere to the following crucial elements to deliver outstanding test automation services to our clients:

  • Flexible Delivery model - reduced time, efforts and costs
  • Effective design and development, and test automation
  • Fully-integrated services with Agile and DevOps
  • Improved efficiency for Test Case Optimization
  • Comprehensive Documentation, with complete technical support
  • Easy maintenance and enhancement of Test Scripts
  • Time-bound delivery of services, with a prompt response for Support
  • Amalgamate domain and technical expertise with scriptless automation

Take the BugRaptors Advantage

Our automation testers, and the entire BugRaptors QA team, are passionate about strengthening our clients’ services, to help them surpass their benchmarks. We assure improved quality and rapid solutions for quick roll-out, improved customer satisfaction, brand recognition, and increased revenue and profits.

  • Delivering end-to-end services
  • User-centric approach
  • Fully equipped mobile test lab
  • ISTQB certified testers
  • Using Advanced and appropriate testing tools

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