Allowing A Multi-lingual Ecommerce Website to Gain All the Navigation & Technical Capability

about client

The client has an online e-commerce portal that offers frames and photo albums where the User gets various Discounts by doing online shopping for classic image archiving.

Product Overview

The portal is a multi-lingual site that entails:

  • Various payment gateways
  • Ease for all the users to buy products
  • Easy & fast shipping facility
  • To ensure a secure and reliable online service for purchasing all sorts of Images on website

Product Challenges


Navigation Issues

  • It was difficult for retailers to source unique products frames and photo Albums
  • Finding the right products to sell
  • Online shoppers don’t have convenience shopping

Functionality Issues

  • Retailers having issues using one type of channel to drive traffic to their online store.
  • Trouble targeted generating traffic
  • Capturing quality leads

Technical Issues

  • Choosing the right technology & partners
  • To achieve growth must be built on a good technology foundation
  • Security and storage of items in store as usually requires more than a spare space
  • Lack of choosing support
  • Complicated site navigations So need of browser compatibility and OS compatibility.

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Solutions Provided


Better Navigation & Control

  • Attracting and hiring the right people
  • Profitable long-term growth
  • Automated campaign management

Analytic Capabilities

  • Improved tracking & Remarketing
  • Ease Retaining customers

Technical Improvement

  • The screen size and Flexible layouts is the visible space provided for the product on Web.

Technologies Used

  • Database: My SQL    Magento 1.9
  • Integration: O/s: Linux, Windows, PayPal Pro,
  • Gateway: JTL shopping gateway, prototype j5
  • Magento Languages: Java QA
  • Mantis: Issues Logging was done in mantis from where Developer team check and resolved the issues and at last all the issues were closed.

Client Benefits

  • Ease of adding physical stickers and captions to photo albums.
  • Digital photo albums allows users to digitize photos, allowing them to keep copies of precious pictures on an electronic storage device
  • The most important benefit of digital photo albums is by far their shareability.
  • Share your stories with the world.
  • Business training.
  • Sellers can compare the Images and album using tools or on their own.

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