AI and ML Testing Services

Leverage QA to power up the efficiency of AI and ML

The new-age technologies in the digital era require the best and advanced testing approach to ensure their adequate functionality and security. BugRaptors offers AI testing services to improve the overall experience while reducing risks to a great extent.

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Explore the Power Of AI And ML For Quality Software Solutions

Companies face various challenges while they leverage AI for testing apps for quality. This is related to the identification of specific use cases, gaining more clarity of action, verifying the app behaviour, testing the app functionality, scalability, security, and much more.

At BugRaptors, we use smart testing and automation test services driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Our clients gain the maximum benefits as we deliver a flexible framework or business model.

  • Manage network distraction and technology effectively
  • Improve quality and productivity
  • Cost-effective and accelerated service delivery
  • Quickly identify pitfalls, including minor errors
  • Updated algorithms for data processing
  • Automated test evaluation

AI and ML Testing Services We Offer

BugRaptors has domain expertise in using AI, ML, and Analytics to empower organizations and improve their automation frameworks and QA practices. Our AI and ML Testers are well proficient to implement IP to achieve AI/ML-led testing.

  • Defect Analytics using AI-based Sentiment Analytics
  • Real-time dashboard and AI-based Predictive Analytics Performance Engineering approach based on ML Analytics and Performance Predictions
  • Automated Prioritization and Automated Collation using Regression Optimization
  • Smart Automation and self-healing of test scripts according to changes in the application

BugRaptors Approach for AI and ML Testing

We have experienced AI and ML testers and specialists, who have gained expertise in performing reliable and advanced AI and ML Testing, to achieve accurate solutions. Our holistic approach for AI solution based testing follows :

  • Train AI and ML for building automated tests
  • Organize tests and identify software changes
  • Rapid maintenance and test runs
  • Finding out bugs and additional features in the software
  • Code analysis for test coverage estimation
  • Prioritizing test cases and working on dashboards
  • Quickly detect software changes by inspecting history logs

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Tools We Use

Our certified testers use appropriate tools, focusing on the industry best-practices, and the client requirements.













Our expertise in AI and ML Testing Services

We have a proficient and dedicated team of testers, using a methodical approach with assured benefits.

  • Better traceability
  • Rapid Deployments
  • Holistic Approach
  • One platform

Why Choose Us?

At BugRaptors, we are committed to offering quick and accurate AI and ML-powered services to give our clients an edge over their business competitors.

Customized and dynamic approach

Cost-effective solutions

Deliver quality at speed

Generate AI-driven test data

Gain business benefits through our extensive AI Testing Services.


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