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At BugRaptors, We Bring You Telecom Testing Services Made To Save Money & Build Revenue

Roaming Test

Innovative & Real-time Testing

Scalability Redefined

Save Costs As You Fasten Your Scalability Goals

OSS & BSS Support

Operations Or Business Support, We Bring To You Quality

Telecom & Broadband

End-To-End Commercial And Open-Source Software testing

Establish A Dominating Business Presence By Offering Quality Assured Services

Telecom Industry is growing every day, and so do the competition. So make sure you offer quality assured services to your customers for revenue boost and added customer loyalty.

Save Some Extra Bucks

Get automated testing services preventing any overheads or unnecessary costs that you may encounter with continuous testing.

Smoothen Customer Service

Improve your customer service with digital support. Either billings, ERP, CRM, or any other integrations, we can test it all.

Make Privacy Your USP

Take your cybersecurity a step ahead. With extreme testing support on SDLC, we help you ensure zero data breaches.

Improve Your Streaming Support

Either social media browsing or binge-watching, we assure you with no bug testing so that your customers never miss a moment of fun.

Our QA & Software Testing Services For Telecom & Broadband Service Providers

Specialized Support

  • Test Management Office & DevOps
  • Revenue Assurance
  • DW & BI Testing
  • UX and QA Advisory
  • Mobility, Bill to Bill, & IoT Testing

Automation Services

  • DevOps
  • Front End & Back End Operations
  • Bill Processing
  • Web/eCommerce Testing

Non-Functional Testing

  • Load testing, Integrations, & Stability Testing
  • Stress, Volume, & Negative Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Production Readiness Testing
  • Monitoring & Support Assistance

Functional Testing

  • Assembly & Integration
  • Product Testing
  • UAT Testing
  • On-going Support
  • End-To-End Quality Assurance

Telecom Testing Services – Taking You Closer To Be The Brand They Love

Over the years, the telecom industry is going through extensive digital transformation. Thanks to the innovative software solutions and advanced applications that have simplified all the telecom operations. However, the idea of improving customer retention in this competitive environment needs telecom and broadband companies to offer Quality Assured services.

At BugRaptors, we aim to deliver telecom testing services to ensure compliance and quality on every intricate process related to telecommunication. From reliable billing systems to interoperability within the system, we help you get successful implementations. Our comprehensive QA Testing Solutions allows real-time checking on quality loss, disruption, or anything that can disturb the end-user experience.

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Crowd Testing or De-Risking? Performance or Functionality? We can handle it all, allowing you to offer the best telecommunication services to your customers.

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