Big Data Testing Services

Leveraging the Potential of Big Data Testing Services

BugRaptors verifies the successful processing of terabytes of data using cluster and other supporting components. Being an automated Big Data testing solution provider, we assist you to verify curated and unstructured informational patterns, indexes, innate processes, and approaches.

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Leverage The Quality Oriented Power of Big Data

Big data testing is carried out in the scenario to validate data extraction, data quality, data flow, transformation algorithm, and so on.

BugRaptors, a reliable big data testing service provider verifies data while considering the next-gen data integration techniques and platforms. We assure 100% validation of structured and unstructured data while emphasizing on the data quality. We assist businesses in validating the quality of big data and assure the data accuracy to offer the correct insights.


Our Offering in Big Data Testing Services

Bugraptors provides a comprehensive range of big data and analytics testing emphasizes to make sure the tested big data doesn’t have any shortcomings or security concerns that affect its usage to derive insights and major decision making.


Data Integration Testing

  • Completeness and accuracy in Source System Extraction
  • Completeness and accuracy in Data Quality
  • Transformation accuracy
  • Subject Area Load accuracy and completeness

Big Data Analytics Testing

  • Validate the Dashboard report model
  • Check the source record count
  • Data level security
  • End-to-end testing

Analytic Layer Testing

  • Testing analytic report
  • Drill path verification

Data Migration Authentication

  • Authentication of Hadoop procedure data output
  • Source to Objective Authentication
  • Post-migration information correctness authentication
  • Authentication of reports

Data Repository Testing

  • Accuracy and completeness of Subject Area Load
  • Referential Integrity

Post ETL Data Authentication

  • Authentication of transformation, data extraction, and stocking into EDW
  • Examination of big data sets upright ETL
  • Authentication of outcomes

Our Approach for Big Data Testing

We address the Big Data issues with our next-gen QA practices prior to certifying the app. We work upon a seamless approach that ensures data security throughout the app and provide the latest approaches that include:

  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Data Extraction Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Structured, Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data Source
  • Reports and Visualization Testing
  • Structured, Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data Source

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Tools we use


To ensure the next-level accuracy and flawless results, we make use of latest tools and technologies to go beyond the customer’s expectation level.






Our Expertise & Capabilities

Bugraptors enables businesses in checking structured and unstructured informational indexes, approaches, patterns, and innate procedures positioned at numerous layers in the big data platforms. Our dexterous team of big data testing experts work upon a seamless architecture that assists in catering to diverse needs while holding expertise in:

  • Big Data Migration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Big Data Ecosystem Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Big Data Sources Extraction Testing
  • Association with prominent Big Data vendors
  • Empowering people through operative knowledge management. BugRaptors has established training agendas that permit faster upscale with the help of 200+ resilient Big Data testers and devoted testing team.
  • Accelerators and Tools to enhance productivity: Customizable Map Reduce in-house efficacies enhance productivity by 10%. BugRaptors Big Data testing solutions permits automatic data quality examination and data migration testing.
  • Process and methodology to authenticate all data touch points BugRaptors comprises of ready-to-use procedure assets including checklists, estimation models and templates.

Why Bugraptors Big Data Testing Services?

Bugraptors works on a big data testing methodology that conforms with the latest industry quality standards and the big data benchmarks so that we can deliver flawless and top-class outputs to our customers. Having years of experience in the testing industry, testers at Bugraptors ensure to deliver the best in the shortest time frame. There are numerous reasons why businesses globally count on Bugraptors for bigdata testing services.

Accurate & Budget-friendly Services

Bugraptors is all equipped with the testing services that can easily fit within your budget and all sorts of businesses can easily Hire Tester for Big Data Testing.

Services for Next-gen Big Data Apps

We are always prepared with the right skillset and certified QA techniques so as to cater to the latest needs and offer services for new age big data applications.

Time to Market

We work upon accuracy oriented automated test cases and have built test data sets, test cases, and Automation framework that ensures a rapid QA process and reduced time to market.

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