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Improved Release Velocity, Productivity, & Quality

Better Device Coverage

Test across different devices to offer improved connectivity

Quality Over Every Channel

Viewing quality or continuity get over all the issues

Service Confidence

Local or global markets, test for reliability

Real-World Testing Solutions For No Bug Media & Entertainment Service

Ensure flawless experience to your customers with our vetted team of testers. We help you discover all the issues with media streaming or gaming for unexpected usage patterns.

Fasten Your Applications

We bring you testing solutions made for fastening your applications for unhindered customer experience

Build Productivity Through Accessibility

Qualified testing teams to help you meet your productivity needs through improved accessibility on software and applications

Efficiency At Its Best

Either integrations or third party applications , we help you build efficiency through premium QA service

No Breaches Promise

Wondering how to deal with vulnerabilities? We can help you with advanced security testing support for greater resilience

Our QA & Software Testing Services For Media & Entertainment Businesses

Core Systems

  • Role-based testing
  • Testing across multiple handsets and platforms
  • Latency, frame rate, & Network connectivity
  • RAM usage and consumption
  • Graphical user interface


  • Event Selection & Blocking of Events
  • Odds Compiling or Odds Changes
  • Managing Risks, Transaction Integrity on Betting
  • Responsible Gaming

Performance & Load

  • No delayed telecasts
  • Simultaneous user testing
  • Testing across platforms
  • User Experience

Focused Oversight

  • No disruption
  • Reduced defects
  • Structured testing methodologies
  • Scalability & convenience

Media & Entertainment Software Testing – Improving Your Telecasts

If you are looking for some testing solutions for media & entertainment industry, we can help you work on all the telecasts and gaming support. At BugRaptors, we help you have the flexibility that you need with your business operations through advanced testing services.

Since media telecasts and gaming users can’t wait, overcoming the quality issues need real-time analysis of response time. Our bespoke QA and Software testing solutions allow you to take grip on customer retention through advanced decision making and optimal response.

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