Localization and Globalization Testing Services

Conquer the local and international market with QA

Whether you want to conquer the local market or international market, we can help you achieve your goal in an efficient manner. Bugraptors help you make your software flawless that works efficiently in any part of the world.

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Roll Out Your Products Rapidly Across Geographies

When you want to focus on a specific geographic area, you must consider localization testing; to ensure that the localized product has no issues of language. On the other hand, to address a global customer base, companies are making their products and services available across the globe. But to make your product a hit, you have to understand that your product meets the functionality as well as language requirements.

We offer localization and globalization testing services to help you understand how the local audience will perceive your product. Bugraptors provide you the right approach and deliver products in a short span of time so that you have enough time to market your products.

  • Reduction in cost
  • 24/7 Access
  • Shortest time to market
  • Easy to recover in disasters
  • Shortest recovery time

Our Approach For Localization & Globalization Testing

We strive hard to provide the best services to our clients. We use the best tools and team of experts that understand everything what local as well as global audiences look for in a product. Our exhaustive QA methodology and specific local checklist help in identifying potential issues.

Localization testing checklist

  • Content
  • Local laws and regulation
  • Phone numbers
  • Postcodes

International testing checklist

  • Time & Date
  • Currency
  • Script pattern
  • Cultural sensitivity

Connect us to deliver flawless products beyond geographies.

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Our Service Offerings

To ensure that we don’t miss anything, we do the following:


Linguistic Testing

  • Verification of language and context
  • Grammatical, typographical, and cultural appropriateness
  • Language aware testing team

Cosmetic Testing

  • Identification of any visual errors
  • Aesthetic appeal of the localization
  • Checking of accent character spacing, line breaking, proper encoding for screen display

Functional Testing

  • Identification of functionality problems
  • Compatibility verification with localized code pages
  • Verification of text input acceptance, string manipulation, etc.

Why Choose Us

Dexterous Team of Experts

We provide you solution that help your business make its mark in the competitive world. We have language experts to ensure that you get the best product.

Well-Equipped Labs

We have well-equipped labs to ensure you get the shortest time to market and improved app performance locally as well as globally.

Bug-free Application

We are always finding innovative ways that help you get a bug-free application. Our localization and globalization testing is done to provide you with scalable solutions with effective functionality.

Competitive Pricing

Bugraptors provides you an exceptional quality at a competitive price. It’s our motto to give our best to our clients with different budget frames.


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