Regression Testing Services

Automated Regression Testing for Robust Solutions

Regression testing is a continuous testing practice performed to ensure that the software performs the same way, as it did before making any changes. We offer strategic regression testing services to maintain the existing quality of the product, despite the addition of new features to the application.

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Leverage our Regression Testing Services for Robust Applications

BugRaptors is a pioneer in providing automated regression testing to ensure that the application or software is not affected if any changes are applied to the system. Even if all the bugs are removed during the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), regression testing plays a crucial role in identifying and fixing functional, non-functional, or aesthetic issues. At times, while fixing one issue, the development teams may introduce some un-intentional defects in the software. It can further malign the company’s reputation as the target user may not be completely satisfied with the delivered end-solution.

Our clients trust us and hire regression testers to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with flawless end products. Regression testing can help you in:

  • Resolving functional, non-functional or aesthetic issues.
  • Getting rid of unintentional side-effects in an application.
  • Ensure positive outcomes of any changes made in the application.
  • Performed repeatedly for Quality Assurance.
  • Automated regression testing for quick and accurate result.

Our Offerings In Regression Testing

To cope with the world dynamics, it becomes essential to make amendments to your application with time. For the success of any software or application, Regression Testing plays a vital role to ensure that the changes do not impede with other unrelated applications, existing already. At BugRaptors, we focus on the following regression testing services:

Automation of multiple-platforms

Risk-based Regression Testing

Analysis of performance impact

Time-saving parallel execution

Continuous testing approach

Our Approach for Regression Testing

We believe that every task is critical, and our testers perform it meticulously to deliver a perfect solution to our clients. Entrepreneurs choose us to hire regression testers for performing consistent and thorough regression tests on their applications. At BugRaptors, we follow a systematic approach to achieve flawless end-solution:

  • Demonstrate the Application to be Tested
  • Prepare the Regression Test Plan
  • Test Automation Framework Design Services
  • Log Defects
  • Retesting After Defect Removal

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Our Expertise in Automated Regression Testing

As a leading regression testing service provider in India and globally, we have a steady clientele around the globe to help them achieve flawless software and applications:

Tools expertise to perform automated testing

Quick and accurate testing services

Ensure that bugs found earlier are not creatable

Improved product quality

The BugRaptors Advantage

Our QA experts leverage the best industry practices to provide a complete and comprehensive QA coverage. We welcome all the changes or recommendations you plan for your software and ensure that the final deliverables are flawless and offer 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Testing using advanced models like Agile and DevOps.
  • Customized test services according to business needs.
  • Seamless integration for advanced legacy applications.
  • Maintain and manage the defect lifecycle.

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