Performance Testing Services

Ensure Quality with our Load and Performance Testing Solutions

Lead the market with the best performance! With this aim, BugRaptors deliver cutting edge performance testing services to a major group of clients globally. We offer comprehensive analysis and recommendations, using advanced tools, for load and performance improvements.

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Explore the potential of your software with Load and Performance testing solutions

Load and performance testing plays a vital role in identifying the maximum operating capacity of an application and the elements that cause degradation. Our extensive performance testing and load testing solutions empower you to launch robust and future-proof applications. We have a consistent client base that trusts and hire our performance testers to evaluate the load and performance of your whole system.

Our advance performance solutions help our clients to launch future-proof applications for client-server, web, mobile, distributed systems, high-volume transaction systems, cloud databases, and complex applications. Our performance testing services ensure that the final product launched by client is:

  • Highly responsive
  • Available
  • Scalable

Our Performance Testing Service Offerings

At BugRaptors, our testers have domain expertise and vast experience in providing seamless integration of performance testing services at any stage of the Software Development LifeCycle. We have a team of highly proficient, skilled, and certified testers that strive to provide complete details of error detection, analysis and a thorough correction plan. We are committed to adding to your business profits by saving on the development efforts with the help of:

Volume Testing and Capacity Testing

Load Testing and Stress Testing

Endurance Testing and Scalability Testing

Reliability Testing

Our Approach for Load and Performance Testing

We follow a collaborative approach to increase the business ROI of our clients through better performance. At BugRaptors, we primarily focus on the following points, to deliver robust end-solutions:

  • Efficient management of software performance
  • Optimizing investments and reducing software TCO
  • DoS risk mitigation for system availability
  • Boosting application behavior with improved UX

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Advanced Tools for Load and Performance Testing

To measure the server performance, our QA specialists make use of several performance testing tools we are proficient in:




Expertise In Performance and Load Testing

Our performance testing experts use various test cases to analyze the production environment concerning the number of users, data volume, and traffic loads. Under performance and load testing we get the simulation of real-life and extreme conditions, like jitter, latency, packet loss, etc. Various use cases can be tested using load, stress, and performance testing:

  • Response time for different load levels
  • Memory Leaks and database lockups
  • Performance on several data volumes
  • Client-server throughput
  • Maximum clients and bottlenecks
  • Availability and Protocols
  • Load balancing and Stress testing
  • Functional problems

Why Choose Us?

BugRaptors has a team of performance engineering experts that ensure concurrent-user scalability by using agile performance testing methodology. Take the following advantages by hiring our performance testing specialists.

  • Early bug detection and remediation
  • Facilitate change by refactoring code
  • Transparency with test documentation
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Assured superior Quality
  • Choices of tools

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