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Run Performance and Load Test With Apache JMeter Testing Tool

Check the performance of your software, application or systems with the enormous testing capabilities of Apache Jmeter.

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JMeter Testing Services at a Glance

For testing app features in real-time, an endless number of automation testing tools can be found in the market and for carrying out load tests and measuring the performance of websites, Bugraptors prefer performance testing with JMeter. Apache JMeter testing tool is open-source software that is crafted to load test functional behavior and is even utilized for test plan building, load test analysis, and load test running.

JMeter testing is amongst the user-friendly and the simplest performance testing tool for analyzing performance both on static and dynamic resources. Our QA professionals have immense experience in testing various server types such as Web- HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, Database via JDBC, and so on.


We utilize JMeter for attaining various load testing parameters:

  • Performance Bench-marking
  • Breaking point of application
  • Stress/Scalability/Capacity Testing
  • Spike and Synchronization Testing
  • Soak and Reliability Testing
  • Network Bandwidth Verification
  • Performance Tuning and Diagnostics
  • Endurance Test

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