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Shortest time to market with web test automation

Accelerate the release of your product with the web test automation solution of BugRaptors. Businesses face difficulty due to rapidly changing dynamic applications, and here web test automation service providers can solve all your woes.

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Automate Your Web Applications To Improve Efficiency

Web automation is used to test the behavior as well as the functionality of a website or web application in multiple browsers. Web test automation framework helps in speeding up the delivery and adds effectiveness and efficiency to the testing software.

We use the Raptorvista, which is data and keyword-driven. The data-driven approach stores data in a spreadsheet format that helps automation engineers to have a single test script. The data-driven approach helps in building both positive as well as negative test cases into a single test. Keyword-driven testing makes use of keywords to describe the actions to be performed for every step; it speeds up automated testing.

Then comes the hybrid approach, which makes use of both data-driven and keyword-driven frameworks. For keywords, we use Excel files in order to maintain test cases. Behavior-driven development(BDD) framework in SWIFT transpires from the TDD i.e., Test Driven Development which enables the users to work with multiple test data with minimum intervention in the software code, which further helps in increasing the reusability of the code and saves time web test automation.


Our Web Test Automation Offerings

  • Analyze Test Case Feasibility
  • Automation Test Planning
  • Framework Recommendation
  • Scheduling and Estimation
  • Test Design & Development
  • Regression Test Report and Maintenance

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Tools We Use

We leverage the latest and best tools for web test automation so that you can get the best quality products.












Why Trust Bugraptors?

Bugraptors is a well-known name in the world of Quality Assurance. Our highly skilled automation testing experts are well versed with the latest tools and techniques to attain maximum coverage and best results.

Reduced Testing Time and Saves Money

With reduced testing time, you can market your product really fast, which is advantageous for your business.

Reduction Of Repetitive Work

With web test automation services of Bugraptors, there is reduction of repetitive work, which makes the work easy and quick.

Increased Test Coverage

Our web test automation services allow you to test your application on multiple browsers and provide you a detailed step-by-step report.

Experienced Testers

Our team members are well-experienced in web test automation and always come up with innovative ideas that will help make your product a success.

Gain business benefits through our extensive web test automation services.


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