Retail Software Testing – Nurturing Successful Digital Transformations

Adding Quality To Retail UX, Sales And ROI
CRM, POS, WMS, & Merchandising, We Do Testing To Maximize Your Business Potential

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At BugRaptors, We Cater Digital Testing Services To De-risk Your Retail Software Journey

Multi-Channel Commerce Testing

CRM, eCommerce, Kiosk, Mobile PoS, & PoS

Enterprise Management

Analytics, Account Integration, Master Data Management, & Reporting

Supply Chain Management

Warehouse, Inventory, & Order Management

Retail Operation Automation

Field Force Automation & Logistics Management

Real-Time Solutions For Real-World Problems In Retail Software Testing

Taking Retail into the digital world is all about creating smooth customer interactions across platforms. We help you achieve the integrated experience allowing a growth boost.

Effortless Transitions

We help you make way for cyber resilience with rich test coverage through automation

Zero Risk Assurance

From ERP integrations to CRM applications, we help you enjoy a unified experience

Continuous Testing Aid

Accelerate your test process with continuous testing support on QA

Domain Expertise

Global brands or departmental store chains, we have the testing expertise you seek.

Our QA & Software Testing Services For Retail Industry

Retail Systems

  • Integrations
  • Disruption Prevention
  • UX and QA Testing
  • Performance Testing

Targeted Crowd Testing

  • Load Testing
  • Front End Operations
  • Customer Convenience
  • Web/eCommerce Testing

Workflow Testing

  • Functionality
  • Security Testing
  • Production Readiness Testing
  • Monitoring & Support Assistance

Product Testing

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Compatibility
  • End-To-End Quality Assurance

Retail Software Testing – Keeping Multi-Channel Retailers Future-Ready

BugRaptors has been providing Quality Assurance services to retailers through intelligent test automation practices. We ensure the essential agility to retail giants who need to yield maximum performance with minimum risks.

Our retail software testing solutions are designed to meet your end-user needs. Either food or fashion, from retail goals to your eCommerce needs, we can help you ensure digital quality with your software and applications. Internal Management or customer service, we bring you comprehensive retail testing services in order to meet your performance goals.

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