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We believe in passion, consistency, and knowing how to cope up with new challenges without making mistakes. Coming together at the workplace makes you feel lucky, but growing and working together is not an accident. Our collaborative effort is the reason for success

We believe that employees are the biggest strength of our organization. They help us make way to the success and therefore it is our responsibility to stick to our commitments of leading them towards a happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.


Message by CEO

When we need to do the best work in our live, it can never be done alone. It is always a calculated and coordinated effort that comes from diversity that empowers any business. This is why BugRaptors has always been a brand recognized for offering best workplace to the people since our ethics made us stick to the commitment of inclusive hiring and equality amongst all.

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What Makes Us Unique?



We acknowledge difference of opinion but respect is always a more important factor that create great organizations.



We foster honesty and forthrightness keeping us aligned to the highest ethics, an essential for upholding reputation.


One Team

We believe in unity. Afterall, it is the oneness in people that could help accomplish greater success.


Customer Value

The only guarantee to your sustainability is customers. Thus, keeping our customers delighted is always what we do.



When you are an extended family, it is always important to keep the back of your mates and so what we foster.



At BugRaptors, we aim for a mindset that flourishes ownership of anything and everything we do to meet our commitments.



We Live By!



Build a BrightFuture with us

We are technically-minded professionals and love to play with technologies. Yet, we are not controlled by it.

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CSR Initiatives

When you need to drive digital transformation as an organization, it is always necessary to reflect upon your morale and identify your social responsibility. At BugRaptors, we are a team of responsible citizens who need to drive sustainable innovation but without taking our focus away from social development needs.

  • Volunteering In The community

    Free medicine or free food, we never hesitate to volunteer when it comes to lending a helping hand to the community.

  • Corporate Policies To Reduce Carbon Footprints

    We encourage anything that prevents adding to the existing carbon footprints. We practice no use of paper and everything that could follow 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle)

  • Women Empowerment At Its Best

    Maternity Leaves, flexibility, health benefits, and perfect work-life balance, we promote women leaders of tomorrow in every way possible.

  • Taking Care Of The Environment

    Planting trees or celebrating world environment day by nurturing eco-friendly practices, we encourage our employees, clients, and everybody out there to save the environment.

  • Friendly Labor Policies

    With health insurance for our employees and their families to easy leave policies, we keep on amending our labor policies to offer best of work life to our employees.

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