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Cloud Testing Services

Quality testing service in the cloud

Bugraptors is one of the best cloud testing solution provider that has proven its worth time and again. With cloud testing, enterprises can drastically reduce the time to market and upfront costs. Cloud testing ensures that you spend less on hardware, software, as well as maintenance.

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On Demand App Quality With Our Cloud Testing Services

Bugraptors knows what quality means for businesses. As a leading cloud testing service provider in India and globally we never compromise on quality and offer cost-effective solutions to test applications and fix bugs.

We use advanced testing tools that can be customized as per the requirements. Cloud testing offers virtualization-related benefits; disaster recovery becomes cost-effective with reduced recovery time with the help of cloud computing. Objectives of cloud testing that can be achieved with reliable approach:

  • To verify if a system meets the requirements and performed effectively in required environment.
  • To assure the quality of software application. It comprises of performance, scalability as well as applications functionality in the cloud.
  • To verify if the tested application is appropriate for the purpose in a cloud environment.
  • To verify the automatic cloud-based functionality which is also called as auto-provisioned functions.
  • To check the inter connection between cloud infrastructure and application deployed.

Range of Our Cloud Testing Services

BugRaptors offers a comprehensive array of cloud testing solutions. Additionally, we can customize the tests as per the requirements of our clients. The different types of flexible service package we provide in order to fit your requirements comprise:


Testing Podium-as-a-Service

It can be anticipated as a standalone facility or an amalgamation with other testing facilities.


Stand-alone Testing Podium

For accessing a test strategy to practice in-house staff to monitor and execute all testing events.


Absolute Testing Facilities and Solutions

For those expecting a comprehensive end-to-end testing facility.

Our Innovative Cloud Testing Process and Methodology

Let BugRaptors streamline your business operations with cloud testing. We always keep an open approach, where clients can contact us anytime and offer their suggestions, and we work hard to provide the best solutions as per the requirements of our clients. We work according to the certain processes that assure testing of the cloud services is carried out accurately. For which, the following procedures are abided:

  • Analysis of the prerequisite: Our team will deem the requirements for testing by coordinating with you on all parameters.
  • Preparation of The Test: Consulting and coordinating with your developers for test plan creation.
  • Operationalization: At BugRaptors, our cloud testing team will perform the test on distinct podium and execute functional automation testing via cloud-powered automation.
  • Supervising and updating: The complete procedure is encircled with utmost supervision and you will be informed about each test level on a regular basis.
  • Completion and Accomplishment of the test.
  • We pursue a robust Agile Performance methodology to test our applications associated on a cloud-powered load generation approach.

Our cloud testing solutions assists with zero up-front investment.

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Testing all cloud software models

Whichever cloud model you decide to go with, our team is aware of all the soft spots




Our expertise in Cloud-based Testing

Bugraptors have made a mark in the world of cloud-based testing solutions. Our team of experts helps you define a strategy that is effective to test the cloud. Our various cloud testing services ensure that clients get great quality across all aspects of cloud implementation. Our tech experts are ready to provide:

  • Bug-free Application
  • Data Safety
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Round the Clock Access
  • Better Functionality
  • Better Usability

Why Choose Us

Bugraptors is recognized as one of the industry leader for cloud testing solutions. We assist you to benchmark your application execution by analyzing your business and product and then decide the most favorable test case scenario.

We leave no stone unturned in augmenting the overall performance of a system so as to ensure enhanced user experience.

  • Full-cycle execution engineering facilities.
  • Commence faster for scalability strategies.
  • Economical charges by recognizing execution and load problems.
  • Modest pricing.
  • Improved result scrutiny documentation: Precise and easy to comprehend documentation of test outputs.
  • Expert Recommendations With Quality Insights & comprehend reports.
  • Competitive pricing with pre-configured virtual testing environments help you save on dedicated software and hardware.

Gain business benefits through our innovative cloud testing services.


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